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4 Coupon Tools That Will Make Couponing Easy for You

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

So, you’re wanting to coupon, but you have no idea where to start.  You have friends that save big bucks at the store, and you want to know how to do it, too.  

You know what?  I can help you with that.  🙂

When I first started couponing, the main sources for coupons were in the Sunday paper and online.  Now there are loads of places where you can find coupons!  But how do you go about getting them?  Do you need anything special?

Yes, there are a few coupon tools that you’ll actually need if you want to coupon effectively.  Some coupons can only be obtained by going to your computer and printing them onto a printer.  Some coupons can be obtained through your smartphone.  Last but not least, you’ll need to buy a Sunday newspaper to get the coupons available there.

Also, every couponer has her own “system” for couponing.  You’ll need one of these if you’re in it for the long haul.  

In today’s post, I hope you’ll learn some valuable information about the coupon tools you need so you can be on the road to couponing like a pro!

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

If you already have one sitting around – great!  Put it to use!  If you don’t have a printer, I have a suggestion based on two factors.  First, you want a printer that only prints in black ink.  It will save you money in the long run to only buy black ink cartridges instead of black and color cartridges.  Stores do not care if you have color coupons!  Secondly, buy a printer with mobile/wireless print capabilities.  I’m suggesting this because that’s the type of printer that I’m currently in the market for – my current printer has just about gone kaput!

With those two considerations in mind, I like the Brother Compact Laser Printer.  It has both capabilities that I mentioned above, plus the price really is quite good considering the performance it offers.  The reviews are great (which is always an important selling point for me), and you can get compatible toner cartridges for as low as $11!  (My current printer requires both black and color cartridges, and I definitely pay more than $11 for them…and they don’t last nearly as long!)

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

This is pretty much a given, but I wanted to list it for the record.  You can do so much with your phone as it relates to couponing!  Not only can you print coupons from your smartphone, you can also download different types of apps that stretch your savings further.  Here are the apps that I use the most:

  • Krazy Coupon Lady – this app saves me more time than any other.  I simply add my favorite stores, then as new offers for those stores become available, they show up in my store feed.  I don’t have to go hunting for deals – they do all the work for me!!!  They also have a website at, but I prefer the app more.  Small disclosure, though…some coupons/advertisements are regional and may not be available in your area.
  • Ibotta – I have been recommending this app to everyone I know simply because there are so many rebates available through it.  I won’t dive into all that again, but you can visit this link to find out how much Ibotta has helped me save.
  • Checkout 51, MobiSave, Savingstar – additional apps very similar to Ibotta, and all are worth downloading to your smartphone.
  • Shopkick – this app gives you points when you walk into certain stores, scan products, and for purchasing select products.  You turn your kicks into gift cards!  
  • Fetch Rewards – this is new to me, but I love it!  Similar to Shopkick, you’ll earn points for your purchases that you can turn into gift cards.  They have specific products that they feature, but even if you haven’t bought any of those things, don’t let that deter you!  When you download the app, you can scan all your receipts from the past two weeks, and earn points for them.  I scanned all my receipts from this past weekend, and I’m already over 4,000 points!  That’s pretty sweet – considering I didn’t have to do anything extra!  🙂  To download this app, simply search for “Fetch Rewards” in your app store, and when prompted, enter code PR6UM for an additional 1,500 points.
  • Walgreens/Kroger/Target/Dollar General – all of these apps allow you to download coupons directly to your account.  No clipping, no fuss!  Just supply your phone number, shopper’s card, or app barcode (Target) to apply your coupons when you check out.

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

Out of all the coupon tools mentioned here, a newspaper is the easiest to obtain.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a printer or a smartphone – you can still save some serious $$ with just the weekly coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.

Some companies offer coupons in both the Sunday paper and through their website online.  However, I’ve found several times that the Sunday paper coupons tend to have higher values.  Therefore, I buy more than one.  When a sale comes along (such as several Walgreens sales lately that have resulted in .99 laundry detergent), I want to have more than one coupon ready to use.  

In my area, there are folks that set up little stands on the side of the road and they sell newspapers for $1 (it costs $2 at the store or more for delivery).  I’ve already made it a part of my Sunday routine to get up early and get 4 newspapers – just for the coupons.

Now, if you’re really pinching pennies, do not be ashamed to ask your friends/relatives/coworkers for their coupon inserts (assuming they won’t be using them).  I personally already have a source for one of my 4 Sunday papers, and she offered her coupons to me willingly!  Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

If you’re new to couponing, you might find yourself saving this step for last.  Out of all the coupon tools I’ve mentioned, this is the one that will save your sanity.  If you don’t develop one quickly, you’ll find yourself with random coupons everywhere.  It’s overwhelming.

It takes time to find an organizational system that works for you.  You may decide to use a little coupon box/folder to sort your coupons.  That’s what I used when I first started, but now, it no longer suits my needs.  You may decide to get a binder with clear inserts that are made for baseball cards.  Going this route will have you lugging that thing to the store and sorting through it each trip – not my cup of tea.

Here’s what I’ve found that works for me…

I keep all my newspaper inserts intact, and they’re sorted by week.  Each insert cover has little tiny writing on the folded edge that will include the date.  You can refer to that, or write the date with a Sharpie on the front page.  Either way, it will help you keep all like coupon inserts together.  From there, you can put them into an accordion folder or large box with folders/sections.  There are TONS of options for this, and my suggestion would just be to find something that’s functional, sturdy, and inexpensive.  Your going to be rifling through this box on a regular basis, so it needs to be sturdy.

Now obviously, I’m not going to lug this box to the store with me on each trip.  That’s way too much hassle.  When I’m ready to go to the store, I have a different system in place.  

  1. Use the Krazy Coupon Lady app to see what deals are being offered for that week.  Each deal will tell you what the expected regular/full/sale price will be at the store (remember, these can vary slightly by region).  Along with the price will be the coupons that you’ll need to have on hand or downloaded to your shopper’s card when you’re ready to checkout.  If there are any rebates available through Ibotta, Checkout 51, MobiSave or Savingstar, those will be listed, too.  For each deal you want to get, you’ll check the little circle beside it to add it to your list.
  2. Use the list feature and start gathering your coupons.  If you need to clip paper coupons from your Sunday inserts, the instructions will look something like this:  Use $1.00/2 – Suave Essentials Body Wash Products from RP 5/14.  What that means is that you’ll go to your Red Plum (RP) inserts from 5/14 and look for the Suave Body Wash coupon for $1.00 off when you purchase 2.
  3. If there are any internet coupons that need to be printed, I do that next.  Each deal will tell you exactly which website to go to.
  4. If you need to clip a digital coupon to a store rewards card, do that next.  There’s nothing worse than waiting to do this at the store, and I promise, you’ll end up in a dither.  Plan, plan, plan!
  5. Paper clip all your coupons together, put ’em in your purse, and head to the store!

Now, I also keep a handful of random coupons with me at all times.  These are coupons that I may only have 1 of, may be the last few from an old newspaper insert that haven’t expired yet, or may be coupons that I went through all the steps above to get, but decided not to use them for some reason.  I keep them on hand   because I never know when they might come in handy.  For example, I check the clearance section/shelf at every store I go to.  It never fails that I find something on clearance that I can combine with these random coupons.  It’s important to always keep some extra coupons on hand!!!

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to coupon organization, but it’s very important that you have a system.  Just do something that works for you.  🙂

If you want to start couponing, there are some coupon tools that you will need to make that job easier. I've listed 4 in this post that help me every day!

I hope you’ve learned some valuable info here, and that you’re on the road to couponing like a pro!  If you’re already a pro, what are some of the coupon tools that you’ve found to be invaluable?


This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small compensation for any direct links that you visit.  Visiting the links shown here in no way obligates you to purchase or sign up for any program, and does not result in any increased cost.  Please view my disclosure policy for more information.

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8 Types of Coupons and How They Can Help You Save

There are 8 types of coupons available. How and when you use them can help you keep your own money in your pocket.

If you’re like me, you grew up seeing members of your family clip a few coupons.  Both my grandmas did it, my aunt did it, and my mom did it occasionally, too.  It’s something that I distinctly remember from my childhood.  Back in those days, it was simply clipping the coupons that came in the Sunday paper.  Maybe you’d get a bonus coupon inside a box of cereal, but generally, the Sunday paper was where all the good ones would be.

Nowadays, coupons are obtainable in many more places.  In fact, it’s a little overwhelming – especially if you’re a beginner.  I used to think the best ones were either in the Sunday paper or printable online.  Not so anymore.  Yes, those two places are still excellent sources, but now, we also have all of these, too:

  • eCoupons
  • Catalinas
  • Peelies
  • Blinkies & tear offs
  • Store coupons
  • Rebate apps

For today, I’ll explain the 8 types of coupons that are available and also how you can use multiple coupons to save even more!

Sunday paper coupons

These are the most common coupons, and in my opinion, what everyone associates with “couponing.”  Each Sunday, your newspaper will have a selection of coupon inserts from SmartSource, RedPlum, or Proctor & Gamble (1 per month).  The types of coupons that are included are different by region, so what someone gets in Oregon may be different than what’s provided in Tennessee.  

The coupon inserts in the Sunday paper are generally going to be traditional manufacturer’s coupons.  Some stores will allow you to double the coupon value up to a certain amount, but this is becoming less common.  You cannot use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item.  However, you can use them with other store coupons/programs and rebate apps…more on that later.

Internet printable coupons

For the most part, internet coupons are also going to be manufacturer’s coupons.  You can find them in a variety of places – has the largest database (see below), but and have a different, but smaller, selection.  Generally, you’re allowed to print a coupon up to two times.  There are caps in place on most websites, meaning that once the allotted amount has been printed, they’re no longer available for new prints.

eCoupons (aka digital coupons)

For people that hate to clip or print coupons, eCoupons make couponing easy!  Multiple stores now have shopper’s cards that you can load eCoupons to – Kroger, Target, Walgreens, and CVS are the ones I use on a regular basis.  In order to clip the coupons you want, you’ll need to log in to your store account, and view the available coupons.  “Clip” the ones you’d like to use onto your shopper’s card and when you check out at the store, they’ll instantly be applied to your purchase.  No paper, no fuss!

Target’s program is the only one that I know of that’s a little different from the other ones I mentioned.  Their app, Cartwheel by Target, has 2 types of coupons – eCoupons as well as general % discount savings (anywhere from 5% to 50% off).  Simply log in to the app on your smartphone, and load the offers you want to use.  When you’re ready to check out, have the cashier scan your Cartwheel barcode after they’ve scanned your paper coupons.  

To give you a great example of how you can make Cartwheel work for you, this week they had a 20% discount on Cottonelle toilet paper.  I was able to load that discount onto my Cartwheel app and also pair it with a manufacturer’s coupon…bonus savings!!  Cartwheel discounts are not posted by the items in the store, so it’s also helpful to use the barcode scanner within the app to see if any discount offers are available.  Target’s Up & Up brand frequently gives 5% off on numerous products.  Never pay full price again – even when you’re buying generics!


These are the coupons that you occasionally receive with your receipt after you’ve checked out at the store, and the ones you receive depend on the items you just bought.  For example, I’ve gotten Gerber coupons on a regular basis because I’ve bought the Gerber meals and pouches for my toddler.  I’ll frequently get a coupon that gives me $1 off a future purchase.  When you redeem Catalinas, you will need to return to the store that they were printed at.  Using a Kroger Catalina at Walmart will not work.


These are just like they sound.  They’re the coupons that you “peel” off an item at the store.  I don’t rely on these too much because usually, they either ask you to buy 2 items or I’ve got some other coupon on hand that’s better.  Don’t count them out, though – they can be helpful.

Blinkies and tear offs

Ever notice those boxes that are attached to the store shelf, and they’re blinking to get your attention?  It’s because there’s a coupon there!  🙂  Tear offs are the coupons on pads that are attached to the shelf.  Much like peelies, the blinkies/tear offs are bonus savings that you can use instantly.  

Store coupons

This is where it starts to get fun.  🙂  Remember when I said earlier that you could use multiple types of coupons to save big?  Store coupons are just one of the ways you can do it!  For this section, I’ll use Target because they frequently have store coupons available.  You can find them either in their weekly ad, in a newspaper coupon insert, or through the Cartwheel app.  When you look at the top of the coupon, it will say “Target coupon” instead of “manufacturer’s coupon.”  All stores that have store coupons allow you to “stack” their coupons with manufacturer’s coupons which will multiply your savings!  

You remember the Cottonelle example I used earlier?  Well, in that same transaction, not only did I have the 20% Cartwheel discount and a .50 manufacturer’s coupon, I also had a Target coupon that was $5 off my $25 transaction of select paper products.  To make it even BETTER, I also had an Ibotta rebate (more on that next).  That’s 4 different types of coupons, and they can all be used together!  

Rebate apps

I covered all of the good ones in a post here (along with some other apps that are great to have if you want to save serious $$).  To give you an overview, the #1 app that is a must download is Ibotta (they give you a $10 bonus when you redeem your first branded rebate!) followed by Checkout 51, MobiSave, and SavingStar.  To me, rebates are the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to get an already great deal with coupons, take advantage of these rebate apps and put money back in your pocket.  It’s a total win-win.  🙂

There are 8 types of coupons available. How and when you use them can help you keep your own money in your pocket.

Is your head spinning now?  Did you have any idea that there were so many types of coupons?!  It’s actually pretty exciting because they work just like cash.  If you’re like me, I’d rather hand someone a coupon than cash out of my own pocket whenever possible.  

Now, just because there are so many different types of coupons doesn’t mean that you should use them the first chance you get.  Once you start to use them with regularity, you’ll start to notice when and where you can get the most bang for your buck.  It just takes a little strategy and planning, but it can be done.  You’ll love the rewards.

Tell me about you – are you already a couponing mastermind?  How have you been able to use coupons to save on your grocery/household budget?

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers!

This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small compensation for any that you visit.  Visiting the links shown here in no way obligates you to purchase or sign up for any program, and does not result in any increased cost.  Please view my disclosure policy for more information.


I cannot believe that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching!!  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the two holidays that I never seem to plan well enough for.  I’m always buying cards/gifts/flowers at the last minute.  every. single. year.  This year, though, I’m happy I still have enough days left to get some great gifts and great deals in time for this annual holiday.  

First, it’s not the end of the world if you’ve waited until the last minute, too.  I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to get gifts in time for Mother’s Day, and without paying for super-duper rush steal-all-your-money shipping charges.  And today, I’m going to show you options that fit every price range and for every kind of mom.

You ready?  Let’s go!

When you're shopping for Mother's Day (or any other special occasion), do you always wait until the last minute?  No worries!  This list will help you find just what you need for the mom(s) in your life.


Gift Ideas for Active Moms

This category is so not me, but I wish it was!  I wish I had the time to focus more on personal fitness and general exercise, but I’ve managed to start squeezing it in more.  It’s helpful that I’ve started finding programs that will PAY ME(!!!!) to exercise.  

If you need to shop for a fitness tracker, I highly recommend the Fitbit brand.  I have used two different Fitbits since they first came out, and I have been extremely happy with both.  What would make my current one better?  If it was pink.  🙂

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

Mom already have a Fitbit?  No problem.  I bet she doesn’t have the BEST water bottle around – a S’well bottle.  One of these was gifted to me a few months ago, and it is incredible!  I often forget it on Fridays and leave it on my desk at work.  One Friday, I did a little test to see how long the water would stay cold.  Would you believe I checked the following Monday, and it was still cold?!!  It works better than a Yeti in my opinion, and that’s saying a lot (because I love my Yeti, too!). 

Gift Idea for Working Moms

Most moms I know personally have day jobs.  I don’t know very many women that stay at home to take care of their kids or are retired.  For this reason, I chose this gift idea very specifically because it’s something that I already use/need.  

I’m old fashioned here.  I have never jumped on the bandwagon of scheduling everything in my phone.  I have to use a physical planner that I can write in.  The planner I use currently is one I bought at a local bookstore, but it’s very similar to this one.   

Gift Ideas for New Moms

 So, what most new moms reaallllllly want is an afternoon that includes an uninterrupted nap.  If you’re a new dad, you should definitely give her that (and if she’s a good wifey, she’ll reciprocate come Father’s Day).

But if you want to gift her with something tangible, my recommendation would be a spa package.  This could be at a local spa where she’s treated to a full day of pampering or something that you prepare for her yourself.  Most new parents are already tight on extra money (we were) because frankly, babies cost a lot of money.  If you want to prepare a spa experience for the new mom in your life, here’s what I suggest…

Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Cute & Young Bath Bombs

Viva Naturals Almond Oil for Skin and Hair

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Body Cream

Package up all those delightful items in a pretty gift box, give her a couple of hours of baby-free time, and you’ll turn a frazzled new mom into a relaxed mom.

Gift Ideas for Foodie Moms

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

This recommendation is at the TOP of my personal wish list and for good reason.  It’s an Instant Pot!  It is AMAZING what this thing can do!  It’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and a CAKE maker.  (My waistline will not like that last part!).  You can cook recipes so much faster with an Instant Pot than you can a traditional crockpot.  Since I’m a mom that’s regularly on the go, I need quick meals to serve on a daily basis.  This one appliance solves that need!  

If you know a mom that loves to cook, make her Mother’s Day the best one yet and get her an Instant Pot.  Don’t forget to bundle it with a great cookbook, too.

Gift Ideas for Crafty Moms

There are few things in this world more dear to my heart than craft supplies.  There is something very fulfilling about creating something with your bare hands.  For me, that’s crafts.  I love cross-stitching, making jewelry, and I’ve been known to do some sewing.  In truth, I come by it honestly.  All the ladies on my mom’s side of the family have a crafty/creative gene in them that was thankfully passed along to me.

The best crafting gift I ever received was a Cricut.  When they first came out, they were primarily marketed to scrapbookers.  Scrapbooking is not *really* my thing, but I wanted to use it for other things.  Without going into loads of detail that you can instead find here, what I will say is that no craft room is complete without a Cricut.  🙂  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

The latest thing I’ve used mine for is making customized clothes for my little girl.  I wanted something very specific for her 1st birthday party, but everywhere I looked, all the items were on backorder for weeks.  I checked out some YouTube videos on how I could do a customized design from Cricut’s Iron On Vinyl, and in one night, I managed to make exactly what I wanted.

Gift Idea for the Mom who has everything!

You can never go wrong with flowers, and the folks at BloomThat have some of the most beautiful blooms I have ever seen!!!  I’ve told my husband many times not to bother with flowers for special occasions because they just die and it’s a waste of money.  However…………….   I’m very thankful for the occasions that he surprises me with them.  😉

If the mom you’re shopping for has everything under the sun, flowers will be a delightful treat for her that she can enjoy for several days.  Visit today and save 20% on your first order with their Mother’s Day special – and you’ll have it delivered just in time!

Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

Tell me what grandmother doesn’t adore a gift from her grandkids on Mother’s Day?  None that I know of!  It’s so important that they be recognized on Mother’s Day, too.  🙂  For this last section, I’m going to give you several suggestions – from sweet/sappy to humorous.  I can’t imagine you won’t find the perfect gift here.

Grandma’s Joy Picture Frame

Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box

I’m a Grandma Coffee Mug

How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan


Now, for all the gift recommendations from Amazon, you will get the best savings and quickest shipping available if you have Amazon Prime.  There is not enough room in this blog post to tell you how amazing Amazon Prime really is.  For just $99 per year, you get access to free movies, tv shows, songs, books, and more.  The best part?  FREE 2-day shipping on millions of items!  See, I told you that you could get your Mother’s Day gifts picked out and shipped – even at the last minute!  

You can start your FREE Amazon Prime subscription for the first 30 days to try it out and see how you like it.  After that, it’s just $10.99/mo or $99/yr.


Well, just like that (snaps fingers), we’ve now got a great Mother’s Day gift guide that will help you get your shopping done in a flash.  Best part is that you still have time to order and have it arrive before Mother’s Day.

Here’s a quick recap of everything.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers1. Fitbit 2. S’well Bottle 3. Day Planner 4. Cute & Young Bath Bombs 5. Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub 6. Viva Naturals Almond Oil for Skin and Hair 7. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Body Cream 8. Instant Pot 9. Cricut 10. BloomThat Flowers 11. Grandma’s Joy Picture Frame 12. How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan 13. Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box 14. I’m a Grandma Coffee Mug

If you have something special you’re already planning to gift, I’d love for you to tell me about it.  Just leave a comment below!  🙂

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How to Earn Money with Your Fitness Tracker

This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small compensation for any that you visit.  Visiting the links shown here in no way obligates you to purchase or sign up for any program, and does not result in any increased cost.  Please view my disclosure policy for more information.


Did you know it's incredibly easy to make money with your fitness tracker? These 3 programs will have you earning extra cash in no time!


I recently started wearing my Fitbit after a looooong hiatus, and it’s so much fun to watch my steps accumulate throughout the day.  I don’t have the free time that I wish I had to go for a good walk, but I try to make the most of morning and afternoon breaks during my day job and to squeeze a quick walk.  

After I started wearing my Fitbit again, I got to thinking…  Are there any programs out there where I could earn money for walking?  As a matter of fact, there are!  I’ve only uncovered three worthwhile ones as of writing this post, but as I find more, I’ll certainly pass them along.


Walgreens Balance Rewards

I love Walgreens in general.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found something unique there.  Or an incredible bargain.  Or some type of makeup that I have trouble finding elsewhere.  It’s just a great store.  

However, I had gotten out of the habit of shopping there.  Once I started back and started using my Balance Rewards card again, they resumed their emails to me with all sorts of offers.  I truly don’t remember what made me check to see if they offered a program for people that utilized my fitness tracker, but I somehow stumbled upon it.  If you want to sync up your fitness tracker to earn rewards, keep reading to see what’s involved with the set up.

First, you’ll need to create an account online at and sync up your Balance Rewards card.  There are multiple fitness tracker options to choose from.  You’ll earn 20 points per mile walked per day.  With the rewards program, once you’ve reached 5000 points (from all kinds of activities), you automatically earn $5 back from Walgreens.  

You can earn points from multiple healthy activities.  I encourage you to check it out if you a) already wear a fitness tracker or b) already maintain a healthy lifestyle.


This is another new program for me, and it’s just as easy to set up.  Simply visit and set up an account.  Upon joining, you will automatically get 250 points.  Complete your health questionnaire (super easy!) and earn an additional 750 points!

Once you’ve completed those two steps, simply connect your fitness tracker to your account.  I noticed that when I connected mine, it actually went BACK and gave me points for previous days when I wasn’t technically part of the program – bonus!  In addition to earning points for steps, you also earn points for getting a good night’s sleep.  Make sure you wear your fitness tracker at night so you can snatch those points as well.

Once you have earned 10,000 points, you can cash out for a $10 reward!

Humana Go365 (formerly Humana Vitality)

Humana Go365 will only be an option for a handful of people, but if you’re a Humana member and don’t already utilize this program, you’re missing out.  My day job is in the health insurance industry so I’ve discussed this program with several of my clients, and the benefits are amazing.

You can earn points for exercising (multiple options available), for getting your flu shot, going to the dentist, or getting an annual biometric screening just to name a few.  The point values are different depending on what you’re doing.  For instance, a biometric screening will earn you a lot of points.  Earning points from walking requires you to at least reach 10,000 steps in one day.  Specifically for exercising, you have the opportunity to earn bonus points if you multiple workouts in one week.

Once you start seeing your points increase, you can then spend your points on gift cards, movie tickets, or any of the other rewards offered.  


So, there you have it – THREE programs that can help you earn extra cash/rewards simply from walking!  If you know of any others, please take a moment to leave a comment and share the details.  🙂

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10 Apps That Will Significantly Trim Your Grocery Budget

**This post contains affiliate links that help support this blog.  See my disclosure policy for more information.

What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

If you’re like me, you’re frequently looking for ways to cut down on expenses.  This may be for groceries, household supplies, clothing…anything and everything that sucks that bank account dry.  While I can’t help you grow a money tree, I can help you find some easy ways to earn extra money and even get some of your own money back, especially on your grocery budget.  🙂


Some people (like me) love to coupon, but it can be hard work!  You have to keep up with a meal plan, then compare it to what’s on sale, then check to see what you already have on hand….  it’s exhausting!  While I’m currently trying to get a better plan in place for myself on all that, I have still managed to coupon for the things that I regularly use.  

I’m no extreme couponer (well, maybe a little), but I do believe it’s silly to not take advantage of the “free money” that you receive in your weekly Sunday paper or from printable coupons online.

But did you know, you can maximize your coupons even more?!  Yes, you can!  

There are apps that you can download on your phone where you can earn even more money back.  They are ah-ma-zing!!!  Even better, if there are rebates available for the same item across multiple apps, you can use all of them.  Say what?!

Most of the recommendations on this list are related to grocery shopping, and with good reason.  Grocery shopping is the one thing we all have to do, and if you’re not careful, the costs can spiral out of control.  It’s difficult to believe that the USDA estimates the monthly grocery cost for my family of 3 is over $600!  I’m at a monthly grocery budget now of $450, but have been gradually chipping away at it.  With the tips I’ve provided in this post, I’m earning back at least $100/mo, and looking for more ways to save every day.

Let’s dive in, shall we?  😉


This is hands down the king of all rebate apps.  Just with this app What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.alone, I earn back almost a 1/4th of my grocery budget every month!  They have a WIDE selection of coupons in every category imaginable, and a LOT of stores are compatible with their app. They regularly have multiple rebates for any store, any item.  An example of that would be “save .25 cents on any brand of shredded cheese, gallon of milk, bananas, etc.”  So, while .25 is not a lot by itself, if you’re already planning to buy milk, eggs, bread, OJ, etc., those .25 cent savings will add up fast! 

Usually after 3-4 days, rebates that you’ve recently redeemed are reset so if you need to restock on a common item, you can use the same rebate again.  They also have monthly bonuses where you can earn bonuses – eeeeekkkk!!  To download their app, just go through this link here.  You’ll get an easy $1.00 off any item rebate when you sign up, plus a $10 bonus rebate when you redeem your first rebate within one week.  $11 easy dollars just. like. that!!  Once you’re ready to cash out your earnings, you can send them to Paypal or onto a wide selection of gift cards.

Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta onto your phone, I promise you’ll want to tell all your friends.  This is the one club that it’s cool for everyone to be a part of, and the more the merrier.  Every time you refer a friend to Ibotta, you’ll earn a $5 bonus!  (After downloading the app, they’ll have to redeem at least one regular branded rebate within 1 week for the bonus to apply….so not hard to do.)

P.S.  Just in case you need MORE convincing to download Ibotta to your phone, they offer rebates on more than just groceries.  You can earn extra moolah from stores like Best Buy, Joann’s, Hallmark, Toys ‘r Us, and Home Depot to name a few.  Are you finally convinced now?!  If so, just sign up here.  😉


What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.This is my second favorite rebate app, and they also have a wide selection of offers.  Checkout51 uploads new offers every week on Thursday, and they expire the following Wednesday.  In my experience, some offers are available for more than one week, but don’t dillydally if you want to use a particular one.  Checkout51 has a quantity limit on rebates for all items.  For instance, I wanted to redeem a rebate that I had saved, but by the time I got back to the app to redeem it, it said all offers had been claimed.  Moral of that story – get ’em while you can!  Once you have reached $20 or more in earnings, they will send you a check in the mail.  Click here to sign up for this one.

MobiSaveWhat's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

This rebate app is not quite as beefed up as the previous two, but it still has some nice offerings.  My favorite thing about it is that you get your money back the second your receipt has been approved.  All earnings are instantly downloaded to your Paypal account.  They have offers similar to Ibotta such as any brand of baking soda, any type of bandage, any type of sliced bread, etc.  You won’t get rich off this app, but it still has some great features that I really like.  Visit this link to learn more and complete the sign up process.


What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.In my opinion, this app is the smallest of the four in terms of offers, but it’s still been an asset to my grocery budget.  What I like most about it is that it’s perfect to use when you’re stocking up on an item.  For example, they always have offers that say, “Save $5 off a $20 purchase of XYZ laundry detergent.”  So, if your preferred detergent brand is also on sale, you might as well stock up to reach that $20 threshold.  (Even better if you can combine with coupons!)  Here’s the link to sign up for SavingStar.


This is a fairly new app for me, but it has an interesting spin on earning What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome back.  Basically, you earn “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning items, or purchasing items.  Usually, just for walking into a store, you earn a minimum of 25 kicks.  The range of kick points for scanning items is usually between 10-25.  Your real points come when you purchase specific items or refer your friends to sign up.  Once you’ve reached 500 kick points, you can start cashing out rewards onto gift cards.  Sign up today and earn double points when you walk into stores!

Walmart Savings Catcher

What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.I think this particular app has been around forever, but it is super-duper convenient if you only like to shop at Walmart!  Basically, all you need to do with this app is scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt.  The app will then scan all the local ads in your area to see if there are lower prices for the items you’ve purchased.  If the app locates any sales that are cheaper than Walmart’s price, you will receive the difference back within 3 days.  Whenever you’re ready, you can request all your savings to be downloaded to a Walmart gift card.  Cha-ching!

Cartwheel from Target

If you’re anything like me, Target is the one store I can get lost in for days!!  I literally love everything they have there!  The baby clothes are super cute (and affordable), the toy section is great, and the grocery options are a step above Walmart/Kroger in some cases.  What makes shopping there even better?  The Cartwheel app.  Simply download this app to your phone, then start adding offers.  The lowest discounts start at 5%, but I’ve seen (and used) discounts up to 50%!  Holy jamoly!  And just like I mentioned in the beginning, if you have an identical offer on multiple apps, you can take advantage of every. single. one.  

What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

Recently, I took advantage of a 20% beauty products Cartwheel offer on loofah sponges and mascara.  By the time I used the coupons I had on hand, then combined it with the 20% off AND the $5 gift card I got back after spending $20 on beauty, I got all those items for FREE!  

What are you waiting for?  Click the image above and download this app stat!

LozoWhat's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

Lozo is the first recommendation I have if you are looking for grocery coupons online.  It’s another new discovery for me, but I’m already a huge fan!  First, you’ll need to set up an account and let it know what items you buy frequently.  It will do a search for coupons, and provide you with a list of everything available that matches those items.  

There’s also a great search feature to help streamline multiple pages of coupons so you can get right to the coupons you need quickly.  Once you’ve set up your account and your list, you’ll get occasional emails letting you know when new coupons are available that match your list.  Talk about a time saver, ya know?!

Coupons.comWhat's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

When I first started printing coupons online, was the first website I visited.  Just about any coupon I wanted/needed to print was there, plus a whole bunch of other ones that I knew I’d need later.  They’ve significantly beefed up their offers since I first heard about it, and I guarantee you’ll find something there that’s helpful for you.  For instance, if you visit their “cash back offers” section, you’ll find local restaurants that will give you cash back when you dine.  Awesome sauce!  To see everything they have to offer, visit!

Swagbucks Coupons

I’m planning to cover Swagbucks more extensively in a future post, but for now, they deserve a place on this list, too.

What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps. Swagbucks offers a ton of ways that you can earn points which will get you cash back.  One of them happens to be with coupons!  Simply visit the Shop tab then go to “grocery coupons.”  Every coupon that you print and redeem will earn you an 10 points back.  Quick tip – it can take awhile for your points to credit, but from personal experience, I’ve seen the points appear in my account about 3 weeks after redeeming.  Don’t have a Swagbucks account?  It’s easy to get one!  Just follow this link to sign up.

What's the one thing that can suck your money dry every month?'s your grocery budget. Check out how I've slashed mine using these 10 awesome apps.

So, there they are – TEN awesome apps that you can start earning with today!  I’ve personally tried every single one so you can rest assured they’re all legit.  😉  

What about you?  What apps/websites/resources do you use to tackle your grocery budget?