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DIY: Easy Anchor Earring Tutorial

I’m so happy to start on a project I’ve wanted to do for months – tutorials!  Quite honestly, none of the pieces I create for the Belle on a Budget shop are *too* technical, but if you’re a beginner, you’ve got to start somewhere.  It’s my hope that I can bring lots of suggestions and tips to those just starting out with making jewelry – I promise, it’s contagious once you get started!

Today’s feature is an anchor earring tutorial.  I created these for the first time months ago, and they’ve always been one of my favorites – I hope you enjoy them, too!

anchor earring tutorial


Supplies needed:

Two pairs of 3-in-1 pliers

Wire cutters

Two anchor charms

Two 2″ head pins

Two pearls

Two equal lengths of chain (up to you as to how long or short you would like your earrings)

Two earwires

(While technically the 3-in-1 pliers can cut wire, they don’t cut smoothly in my opinion.  That’s why I included the wire cutters in the supplies list.)


All parts needed for the actual earrings can easily be obtained at your local craft store.  The charms are easily located online.


First, place your pearl on your head pin, and cut off approx. 1/4″ from the end.


Next, create a simple loop (video here if you need to see an example – while she uses three separate tools, you can use your 3-in-1 tool to do it all).


Next, we’re going to assemble the lower parts of the earring.  You’ll need your chain, your pearl, and the anchor.


You’ll use the flat portion of your 3-in-1 plier tool to open up one of the end links of your chain.


After you’ve opened your chain link, slide the charm right on and close your chain link.


Next, slightly open your head pin with the pearl, and attach it to the chain and in front of the anchor.


Finished with the bottom!


Next, open up the loop at the bottom of your earwire.


Slide the top of the chain onto the earring making sure that when it hangs the pearl is facing the front, then close your earring loop.


And voila! – you have a cute pair of easy anchor earrings to wear!


You can view the finished product with lots of other pics here in my shop.

Hope you had fun making these today, and I’ll be back soon with more tips to share!  🙂


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17 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Anchor Earring Tutorial

  1. What a cute and creative idea. I need to make these for my girlfriends before our next cruise.

  2. Those earrings turned out adoreable. They would be great anytime of the year, but they would have worked well for the beach when we went this summer.

  3. Those are too cute. I love pretty earrings that are eye catching like these. I love how easy they are to make, too.

  4. I love these! Thanks so much for the tutorial, the earrings are so incredibly cute!

  5. This is so cute! We participated in a gift exchange on a cruise last year. I could have made these for the cruise fanatics — or modified it to make a key ring for the people I was stumped on. Oh well. Maybe I need another cruise so I can make them. 🙂

    1. Yes, another cruise is always a good idea! 🙂 It’s been 10 years since I last took a cruise vacation, and I’d love to go on another one.

  6. Oh I’m all about the DIY! Good work on a great creative tutorial 🙂

  7. Those are so cute, I definitely need to make some. My sister would love them too, she’s always stealing my cute earrings.

  8. Wow!! This is pretty amazing, I’ve never tried to make DIY earrings. I love this and I wish I could do this.

  9. These are really cute and very creative. We spend so much time around the lake that I know I could find an outfit to go perfectly with this set. Maybe i should make them, then take them on a cruise to celebrate and show them off!

  10. These earrings are so cute! Makes me wish that I wore earrings more often. I would love to make these!

  11. Oh I love that!! I totally want a pair! I dappled in making jewelry for awhile, then realized I had no idea what I was doing. But your earrings here look lovely! I love “anchor” themed things.

  12. Wow, I love your design. My husband is a retired Navy and I would love to get me a pair of this to show him how I appreciate I am of him.

  13. Those are really cute! I wish I knew how to be creative like that. You made those so pretty.

  14. What a fun diy and such cute earnings! This looks easy on picture but I can see myself messing this up lol

  15. omg how these are just beyond cute! I live on a lake and anchor anything is just chic during the summer!

  16. I used to make jewelery a few years ago. It was so fun and it is amazing what you can make and not have to spend a fortune. Great earrings I love the design. Thank you for sharing

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